Rise Blend
Rise Blend
Rise Blend
Rise Blend
Rise Blend
Rise Blend
Rise Blend

Rise Blend

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Taste profile: Matcha and Blueberry. 

Forget the jitters and crash from the other pre-workout options. Get prepared before your elevated workout routine with our Rise blend. This blend includes the combination of Matcha and Beetroot. Matcha is known to combat fatigue with brain boosting benefits. Beetroot contains naturally occurring nitrates which are known to improve your body’s energy-producing cells. With the addition of Hibiscus, it not only provides a beautiful aroma, but also has amazing anti-oxidants and is known to have inflammation fighting properties. Simply add the powder into a bottle add a touch of boiling water to help it blend then add ice and cold water for a delicious all natural pre-workout! This blend also pairs well in smoothie or make yourself a SUPERBOLT version of an iced matcha latte!

Includes 20 stick sachets.

Mix one sachet with 500ml (16oz) of hot or cold water. Please adjust the powder to water ratio based on your preference of sweetness and strength. 

~19.3mg of caffeine per sachet
* Average cup of coffee ~100mg

Matcha, Beetroot, Hibiscus, Blueberry, and Stevia Extract.

Mix one sachet with 500ml (16oz) of hot or cold water.

Pro tip: Enjoy this blend in a smoothie or boost your elevated workout routine ensuring that you don't run on an empty tank! Adding in bananas, berries, dates plus protein powder or Greek yogurt makes for the perfect combination.

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Pre Workout Boost

Nitrate Boost

Beetroot Power

Antioxidant Power

Boosts Brain Function

Zero Calories

Amazing Taste


Our Rise blend can support you in your every day elevated workout routine. Matcha and Beetroot’s natural properties provide energy and improve physical endurance, while Hibiscus helps elevate brain power, memory and concentration.

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