Delicious, 100% natural herbal blends for enhanced energy, mental clarity, immune support, recovery and lasting performance.
PRE-WORKOUT without the jitters

Forget the jitters and crash from the other pre-workout options. This blend includes the combination of Matcha and Beetroot. Matcha is known to combat fatigue with brain boosting benefits. Beetroot contains naturally occurring nitrates which are known to improve your body’s energy-producing cells. With the addition of Hibiscus, it not only provides a beautiful aroma, but is packed with anti-oxidants and is known to have inflammation fighting properties. Simply add the powder into a bottle, add a touch of boiling water to help it blend then add ice and cold water for a delicious all natural pre-workout!


Performance Tea (Siberian Ginseng and Yerba Mate)

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Specifically formulated to support the pursuit of peak performance, Superbolt offers a consistent source of energy without the crash and drag of coffee and energy drinks. Whether on the track, in the trails, in the gym, or in the boardroom, Superbolt gives you the energy and the mental support to perform all day.

~38mg of caffeine per serving* Average cup of coffee ~100mg

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Certified Organic

CCOF Organic Facility

Zero Calories Amazing Taste

Highest Quality Ingredients

Long Lasting Energy

Biodegradable Tea Bags

*No Microplastics

I'm replacing coffee...

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I’m a pretty loyal coffee drinker, and only drink decaffeinated teas at night to relax. But Superbolt might actually change that — I’ve found myself replacing coffee to fuel my workouts. It makes me feel less jittery and feels more like a steady wave of energy I can ride throughout the workout and the rest of my day.

Haris Fazlani, Co-founder at WØRKS

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Gets me ready to crush it!

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Superbolt's energy tea has allowed me to have an increase in endurance with my training. I drink it every morning before I train!

Farinaz Lari, World Kickboxing Champion

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Delicious and feel awesome!

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First impression of this tea was its flavour and natural sweetness. No need to ad anything to it, it’s straight up delicious as is. I found my energy consistent all morning during physical activity. No caffeine jitters, and overall my muscles felt less fatigue. Awesome and natural ingredients make this product work.

Chris Rasman, Professional Snowboarder

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This stuff is amazing!

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On top of being an all natural energy booster, this has to be one of my favourite tasting teas around!!

Noah Cohen - Professional Surfer

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Energy for everything I want to do.

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I love this product, I have it throughout the day to keep me focused organizing my personal training business and to keep me energized my daily work outs.

Adrian Gaskin, Certified strength & conditioning coach

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Sustainably Sourced &
Locally Made