CAPSULE AVAILABLE NOW - Vancouver Running Company x Superbolt Limited-edition collab

CAPSULE AVAILABLE NOW - Vancouver Running Company x Superbolt Limited-edition collab

Superbolt Tea combines lasting energy with restorative supplements. This functional tea blend replenishes the body’s energy and balances stamina.

Superbolt Natural Organic Performance Tea
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Specifically formulated to support the pursuit of peak performance, Superbolt offers a consistent source of energy without the crash and drag of coffee and energy drinks. Whether on the track, in the trails, in the gym, or in the boardroom, Superbolt gives you the energy and the mental support to perform all day.

~38mg of caffeine per serving
* Average cup of coffee ~100mg

All of our ingredients are 100% organic

What makes us different?

Our goal is for Superbolt Tea to replace common sources of energy and recovery. Each and every ingredient we include provides benefits to the body. Our proven formula provides immunity and performance support, while maintaining energy levels and enhancing focus. This tea blend is more powerful than conventional coffee and more revitalizing than electrolyte drinks. Enjoy it hot or cold, for a refreshing experience. Learn more.


Because we hold ourselves to a high standard, we do the same with our suppliers and their ingredients. Sourcing our ingredients from ethical suppliers, we are able to work closely with them and further our dedication to quality and purity. We only use organic ingredients; they are untouched by chemical treatments. This way, we are able to offer you a superior product that stimulates and repairs the body.

Nothing Artificial; 100% Organic and Natural

At Superbolt, we have used our backgrounds in alternative health and endurance training, using them to develop a functional tea blend. To ensure this blend is as effective as possible, we use the highest quality ingredients from our consciously-sourced suppliers. We adhere ourselves to rigorous standards so you get the best product. These ingredients are blended and packaged in Canada, bolstering our community. Our tea blends are [sustainably sourced, bioactive, non-gmo, and vegan and come in a compostable sachet.]