An Innovative Approach to Tea

We take our name from this rare meteorological wonder. As the superbolt strikes with the power of one hundred lightning bolts, our tea blend provides a strong and lasting surge of energy.
Superbolt™ is dedicated to supporting mental clarity and agility. By combining superior teas and remedial herbs, our product is unmatched in providing consistent energy while restoring focus and boosting performance. Driven by sports health and our desire for performance, we are always working to provide you with the best product. We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers and manufacturers. We work with suppliers who meet our rigorous and stringent standards, and who support our dedication to quality and purity. Our tea blends consist of only organic products; we never use ingredients that have been adulterated in any way. Our products are crafted and enjoyed with integrity.

In the Wilderness We Prosper

Superbolt calls Canada home; this is where we live and where we build. With the backdrop of wilderness in Vancouver, we are driven by our pursuit of the outdoors. Superbolt Tea is a tribute to the athlete: the pursuers of the thrill and the win.

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