Clean energy with no crash

Discover the Clean High of SuperBolt Tea.

A blend of 11 organic ingredients. 8 of which are superfoods 
and adaptogens designed to improve your mental and 
physical perfromance

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Benefits of daily use


Ignite your metabolism naturally with SuperBolt Tea's potent blend of Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, and White Tea. Our scientifically proven ingredients promote weight management, increased energy expenditure, and fat metabolism, providing a powerful boost to your metabolic function. Elevate your vitality and achieve your wellness goals with SuperBolt Tea.


Unlock mental clarity and sharpen your focus with SuperBolt Tea's unique blend of Schisandra Berries, Yerba Mate, and Green Tea. These adaptogenic ingredients have been carefully selected for their mood-enhancing properties, stress reduction, and cognitive function support. Experience heightened alertness, enhanced concentration, and a sense of calm focus with SuperBolt Tea.


Experience sustained and clean energy with SuperBolt Tea's invigorating blend of Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Tea, and Yerba Mate. Say goodbye to the jitters and crashes caused by other energy drinks. Our carefully curated ingredients naturally increase thermogenesis, boost metabolism, and provide a smooth release of caffeine, ensuring you stay energizedthroughout the day.


Fortify your immune system with SuperBolt Tea's immune-boosting blend of Astragalus, Green Tea, Vanilla, and Schisandra Berries. These powerful antioxidants and immune-supporting ingredients help safeguard your body against external threats and enhance your body's natural defense mechanisms. Strengthen your immunity and protect your well-being with SuperBolt Tea.

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Anti-Flame Blend

$38.00 CAD

20 stick sachets


Regain Blend

$38.00 CAD

20 stick sachets


Rise Blend

$38.00 CAD

20 stick sachets

Essential Tea Facts

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Can this tea improve my focus?

Our unique blend of superfoods and adaptogens is designed to improve athletic and mental performance without the negative side effects often experienced with coffee.

What's in Performance Tea?

Our complex tea blend contains eight superfoods and adaptogens, like Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, and Yerba Mate, known for improving energy levels naturally.

What does the tea taste like?

Our tea simply tastes amazing. Blend of cinnamon, ginger, vanilla - carefully formulated to provide a smooth-tasting yet effective drink that'll leave your tastebuds wanting more.

How do I brew Performance Tea?

Simply steep one convenient biodegradable tea bag in boiling water (250ml/8oz), wait a few minutes, then enjoy the flavorful benefits of Performance Tea! It also makes great iced tea.

Does Performance Tea contain caffeine?

Yes - but only around ~38mg per serving which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a low-caffeine alternative to coffee. Experience high-quality natural ingredients with each sip!

Can anyone consume Performance Tea safely?

Yes! We use only organic ingredients guaranteed USDA certified so you can be sure that what you consume comes from sustainable farming practices free from harmful chemicals or additives. Enjoy today!


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Learn how our product was designed for legendary mountaineer Ed Viesturs who went on to climb all 8000M + peaks without supplemental oxygen.

by hundreds of repeat customers

Loved by hundreds of everyday athletes

"I started drinking Superbolt after my double knee surgery and it reduced my swelling significantly! I feel as though my recovery time was cut in half and I was back on the slopes in no time! Couldn’t recommend this product enough!"


"Superbolt is an essential in my kitchen. The adaptogenic tea blends are super versatile, I use them to make superfood lattes and smoothies. My favorite products are the Regain blend to help regulate my stress levels and the Original when I need an extra boost of energy. Their flavors are so unique, one similar to chia spice, matcha, turmeric, rhodiola. All the products come in single serving sachets that make it easy to take with me on-the-go and there's no need for measuring!"


"As a former professional athlete. I love the anti inflammation blend! It keeps my joints and muscles feeling good and it tastes great, especially chilled!"


Accomplish the impossible

Our scientifically formulated blend, enriched with 11 adaptogens, ensures you receive the optimal benefits for boosting metabolism, improving mood and focus, enjoying clean high energy, and strengthening immunity. Experience the natural power of SuperBolt Tea and embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier and more vibrant life.

Health in an instant

With our superfood powder blends you can add it to your favourite smoothie recipe for added nutrients and benefits, make a latte that you always crave or simply add cold water for instant iced tea. We offer complex blends that are both caffeinated and non-caffeinated.

Your Make It Happen Essentials

Instant performance

Instant performance Our powder sachets are perfect for when you're on the move. Our sachets are all cold-water soluble so add it hot or cold water and you're good to go!

Get after it

For the more relaxing mornings and calmer days, our performance tea will get you in the right mindset with smooth energy and focus. This blend will also provide you with all your necessary antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in this complex tea bag.

Healthy sunny-d anyone?

Take care of soreness, cramping and other inflammation pains with this power house blend of high quality turmeric, ginger, cardamon and black pepper with a kick of all natural grapefruit extract!

Recovery is a major key alert...

Our regain blend is key to proper sleep, and proper sleep means you can make $h!t happen tomorrow.