Haris Fazlani for Superbolt™

Haris Fazlani for Superbolt™

Haris Fazlani is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative director based in New York City. ⁠He’s co-founder and partner at WØRKS Studio, a creative consulting agency with select high-end clients that include Nike, KITH, Converse, Equinox and more.

A graduate from the University of Texas, Haris has a wide range of artistic experience thus far with various art direction and design lead positions under his belt. From musicians to fashion brands and everything in between, his client resume is nothing short of impressive. Miguel, GOOD Music, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, the list goes on. It's no wonder he's been recognized with numerous awards for his branding and design. 

We travelled down to NYC from our home in Vancouver to meet with Haris and document what his daily routine consists of.

With a demanding creative schedule, he makes sure to remain active throughout the week and drinks Superbolt™ as part of his daily ritual.

"Superbolt helps me find a consistent wave of energy I can ride upwards. I find it more usable and widely applicable than coffee because Superbolt doesn't have the caffeine crash I sometimes get with coffee."

“The motivation to succeed or to work towards some personal vision of success comes in many shapes and sizes, and they’re not always consistent. Sometimes it’s insecurity, fear, anger, and other times it’s wanting to create a better life for myself, my family, my clients, people who come in contact with my work… and other times still it’s pure artistic expression. Ultimately motivation is capricious in nature and often waxes and wanes, so what I find more important is to build the discipline to muscle through when motivation is low."

Stay tuned for a special collaborative project we have planned with Haris dropping very soon. In the meantime, check out more of his work below: